Hiring an Amazon Consultant – All You Need To Know [2023]

Picture of Author: Martyn N.

Author: Martyn N.

Hi! I’m Martyn, a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager with over 5 years of experience selling and managing a wide range of products for various small businesses on Amazon.

Looking to hire an Amazon consultant online?

Want to make sure you get the best analysis and recommendations for your money?

Not sure about where they can be found?

In this article, I will tell you a simple method to quickly define what you need from an Amazon consultant, how you can evaluate which ones are best for you, and how to seal the deal.

Let’s go!

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Define The Tasks

Firstly, you have to be absolutely clear about what you expect from your Amazon consultant.

You might be fully clear about where the issues lie – but your consultant might not be able to guess that.

For instance, does your business suffer because of advertising issues? Are you looking to reduce costs because of low margins? Are your products having a tough time ranking?

We can be tempted to hire a consultant with the desire for them to “just fix my business”. And in fact, we can – there are many consultants who are generalists and are able to look at all aspects of your business.

However, they cannot know your business as well as you do, and without a clear idea of what it is that you really want from your business, their idea of “fixing your business” might not be yours.

For instance, if you’re starting off, you should have as your main strategy to grow your business and not focus immediately on returning profits.

A consultant might need to be informed of this before they conduct their analysis, else their recommendations might involve steps that will increase your profits but ultimately slow down your growth potential.

Start by identifying the core problem that you are facing – for instance, slow sales.

Then, write down your current strategy or objectives – like reaching a certain number of sales per month at a maximum cost of X.

With a defined framework, your Amazon consultant will be much more likely to come back with suggestions and changes that will get you closer to your objectives.

Here’s an example of a good vs bad briefing for your consultant:

Good: “Provide recommendations for increasing my monthly sales to 100 units per month for the next quarter for three of my products at a maximum cost of break-even (costs breakdown provided)”.

Bad: “Make my products sell more”.

Write Down The Required Skills

Once you’re clear about what needs to be fixed, you should write down what your consultant should ideally have as skills or specialization to ensure that you get the best possible fit.

For instance, if your only problem is in the domain of advertising or PPC, it makes sense to get a specialized consultant in advertising rather than a generalist.

That way, you can ensure that you get the most skilled consultant for the job.

A word of advice though – when it comes to selling on Amazon (and on E-Commerce platforms in general) it is rather rare that issues like “too few sales” – which is what we’re often after – are limited to a single area like PPC or SEO.

Often, performance is wholistic – as in, it depends on all the different aspects of your business.

For instance, you might first want to hire a PPC consultant because your campaigns are not doing so well, e.g. ACOS is way too high. A PPC consultant could help you with that, but the underlying issue might be that your products are not that competitive.

This could be because you have not included the right keywords in your listings, or because your USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) are not clearly laid out for the customers to consider.

In the above case, getting a specialized Amazon advertising consultant would only help with the symptoms, but not actually fix the core issue.

As such, I often recommend to first hire a generalist who will take a look at your whole business – from supply chain to the nitty-gritty listing details – before looking to hire a specialist.

Calculate Your Budget

Hiring a consultant for your business on Amazon will naturally incur a certain cost – and like for any business, it’s vital to ensure that you can afford any service you’re asking for.

Depending on the scale of the work that’s required, the cost will be proportionally higher or lower. This is also why getting the first step – being clear about the required tasks – is vital.

You don’t want to set aside a certain budget only to find out later that the job will cost you a lot more than planned, do you?

Thankfully, most consultants offer a first virtual meeting to give an estimate of the cost of their work.

Furthermore, Amazon consultants have become cheaper and cheaper as competition on freelancer platforms has increased. In the next part, I will show you where you can find affordable amazon consultants online.

Step Four – Finding Amazon Consultants

I strongly recommend avoiding individual websites offering their own Amazon freelance services and instead hire on platforms listing individual consultants like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.com.


Simply put, it’s a lot harder to accurately judge the expertise and reliability of a Amazon consultant on their own website as they have complete control over what’s shown there.

For instance, they might display a large number of positive reviews, stating how great and wonderful their services are. But how can you know that these are real reviews and weren’t made up?

Even worse, they might reassure you with guarantees, like refunds or extra services should they not deliver what you wanted, but these can be empty promises that result in unanswered emails once your money is on the way.

Truth be told, personal websites have the highest potential for being smoke-and-mirrors, leaving you with no results and an empty wallet and no possibility to warn anyone else about it.

In contrast, big platforms like Fiverr or Upwork are not affiliated with the consultants. They act as independant platforms which have every interest to see you satisfied, as their long-term objective is to have you return to their services over and over again. As such, transparency and honest work is a big priority for these platforms.

That’s why these platforms have several systems to ensure any buyer of a service is most likely to be satisfied – from real reviews from real service buyers to retained payment until you decide that the work is complete (and refunds even after you’ve decided the work is completed, should you later realize that there was something wrong with the service you received).

Furthermore, the stiff competition on these platforms lets only the best and highest-rated consultants be visible at the top of the search results, further ensuring that you find a reliable, trustworthy consultant.

Another major advantage – many consultants on these platforms are more affordable than anywhere else online.

Sure, the quality also varies with the amount spent, but if you’re a small business owner looking for someone to take over some work without breaking the bank, these platforms can be a godsend.

There are a lot more advantages to purchasing on these platforms, like encrypted payments and 24/7 customer service, which is why I highly recommend to look there should you want to hire an Amazon consultant. 

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on Fiverr

Fiverr is considered by many to be the best place to hire Amazon consultants for any kind of ad-hoc work or single specific projects.

Consultants on Fiverr post a listing of their services, including the work offered and the price, divided into three tiers – basic, standard and premium. Each tier offers more services, but naturally calls for a higher fee.

I have myself used Fiverr several times for different kinds of work, even to build this website. I find their system to be extremely intuitive and clear, making any kind of project smooth and headache-free.

In general, Fiverr is considered by many as the best platform if you’re looking for the best value-for-money, particularly for measurable ad-hoc work like product picture editing, product description copywriting, listing optimization and so on.

If this sounds like what you’re after, then you can follow this link to get a list of the top Amazon consultants on Fiverr:

Top Amazon Consultants on Fiverr

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on Upwork

Upwork is very similar to Fiverr and though I have not personally ordered work through it, it’s reputation is as good as Fiverr, especially for bigger projects.

A big difference with Fiverr is that buyers are also able to post the work they want to have done and consultants can apply to take it over.

Compared to Fiverr, many recommend Upwork for larger and longer projects such as PPC campaign setup, advertising management, listing management, product photography and the like.

Many Amazon sellers who were also looking to hire consultants found that in general, the talent pool on Upwork was slightly more experienced, mostly because Upwork has a tighter screening process before letting a consultant work on their platform. However, this also results in higher fees.

If that is what you are looking for, here’s a link to the top Amazon consultants on Upwork:

Top Amazon Consultants on Upwork

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is very similar to Upwork – clients post their jobs online which are then reviewed by the pool of consultants who are free to apply for that job. Moreover, consultants on freelancer.com are often looking for long-term contracts, which makes it great for routine work like listing management, advertising/PPC optimization and the like.

However, several reviewers have noted that the process from the buyer’s side is often smoother and more straightforward on Upwork. Still, Freelancer.com in general is known to generally offer a lower base price, with add-ons like NDAs and IP agreements being available separately.

If this website seems to tick your box, here’s the link to some of the top Amazon consultants:

Top Amazon Consultants on Freelancer.com

Hiring Amazon Specialist Consultants

Some Amazon consultants specialize in one or more areas – Here are some of the most common ones.

Hiring Amazon SEO Consultant

What does an Amazon SEO Consultant do?

Amazon SEO consultants specialize in improving your listing’s visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keywords that customers most likely to purchase your products will search for.

Do you need an Amazon SEO Consultant?

If you find that your listings are having a tough time getting eyeballs (or more technically, page views), or you’re getting a very low CTR (Click-Through Rate) on your listings (visible in your advertising reports) and you haven’t already conducted an in-depth keyword research, then an SEO consultant for Amazon might be a good choice for you.

Top Amazon SEO Consultants:

Below is a list of the top results for Amazon SEO Consultants for each platform:

Amazon SEO Consultants on Fiverr

Amazon SEO Consultants on Upwork

Amazon SEO Consultants on Freelancer.com

Hiring Amazon Marketing Consultant

What does an Amazon Marketing Consultant do?

Amazon Marketing Consultants specialize in getting your listings to appeal to the right customers as much as possible. This can involve reviewing your pictures, content, product design, brand design, USPs and so on.

Do you need an Amazon Marketing Consultant?

If you have received feedback that your products are good, but your listings are not appealing – or you have the feeling that they could be improved – you might need an Amazon Marketing Consultant.

Top Amazon Marketing Consultants:

Below is a list of Amazon Marketing Consultants for each platform:

(Hint: You might see a lot of results for non-marketing consultants – make sure to look for offers that specify tasks like image optimization, branding, design and so on).

Amazon Marketing Consultants on Fiverr

Amazon Marketing Consultants on Upwork

Hiring Amazon Product Consultant / Amazon Product Hunting Consultant

What does an Amazon Product Consultant do?

As the name implies, Amazon Product Consultants specialize in optimizing your products to ensure that they correctly solve the problems that your customers are facing and that your products are competitive vs what your competitors are offering.

This can include product design, features, ergonomy, pricing and so on.

They are also often called product hunting consultants as improving the products often involves searching for a new product or finding a new product opportunity in the same market.

Do you need an Amazon Product Consultant?

If you have compared your products to your competitors and felt that they were inferior, or you’ve received many reviews stating that your product is inferior, you may need an Amazon product Consultant.

Top Amazon Product Consultants:

Below is a list of Amazon Product Consultants for Fiverr:

Amazon Product Consultants on Fiverr

Hiring Amazon Advertising Consultant / Amazon PPC Consultant

What does an Amazon Advertising/PPC Consultant do?

An Amazon advertising or PPC consultant takes care of anything related to advertising for your Amazon business – from targets to bids and campaign creation to budget optimization.

Do you need an Amazon Advertising/PPC Consultant?

If your advertising campaigns are doing poorly (e.g. lack of impressions, sales, or very high cost/ACOS), an Amazon Advertising Consultant might be of great help to you.

Top Amazon Advertising and PPC Consultants:

Below is a list of Amazon Advertising Consultants:

Amazon Advertising/PPC experts on Fiverr

Amazon Advertising/PPC Consultants on Upwork

Hiring Amazon Brand Consultant / Amazon Storefront Expert

What does an Amazon Brand Consultant do?

A good Amazon Brand expert specializes in improving your brand as a whole – branding is only getting more and more important on the E-Commerce sphere, particularly on Amazon, as customers are getting tired of generic products and instead are drawn more and more towards trustworthy brands with a genuine identity.

They usually take care of your brand identity, colour scheme, design and style on your listings and your brand store.

Do you need an Amazon Brand Consultant?

If you currently are only providing products that are sourced straight from a manufacturer and just have a brand name slapped onto them – you might be in dire need of a brand consultant.

Top Amazon Brand Consultants:

Below is a list of Amazon Brand Consultants:

Amazon Brand / Brand Store Consultants on Fiverr

Amazon Brand Consultants on Upwork

Assessing Potential Consultants

You should now have a list of suitable consultants in front of you – but how do you choose which one to actually hire?

Thankfully, all of the above platforms make the screening process as easy as can be.

Consultant Description

For starters, you can look at their description and what they claim to specialize in – you can then compare this with the list of requirements we defined earlier to see which ones are the best match on this first aspect.

Ratings and Reviews

Next up: Reviews. Just like on Amazon, each consultant is given a rating based on the previous client’s satisfaction of their work.

I don’t think I need to explain this one too much – the higher the rating, the better. Similarly, the higher the number of ratings, the better.

I would personally advise to favour the number of ratings over a perfect score.

For instance, I would advise taking a consultant with 150 ratings and a rating of 4,8/5 over someone with a perfect 5/5 who’s only gotten 10 ratings.

Just like on Amazon, it’s always possible that some ratings and reviews are faked. But the higher the number of reviews, the less likely it is that they are fake, and the more trustworthy the rating/score is.

Don’t just rely on the ratings though – take the time to go through reviews individually – particularly to look out for reviews that talk about aspects that are highly relevant to the tasks the consultant will have to take over.

For instance, you might want to improve your ACoS and see that one Amazon consultant has a great rating – but after looking at the reviews in-depth, you might find out that few of their previous clients have praised their PPC skills.

Screening Call

Finally, almost all consultant platforms allow for an initial contact or screening call to take place, which lets you talk to the consultants directly before sealing the deal.

In such calls, you will have the opportunity to ask about things like previous experience, expected delivery times, working hours, follow-ups and check-in meetings, and so on.

Other Tips

It could be wise to hire someone who has the same native language as yours to ensure smooth communication and avoid potential misunderstandings.

Similarly, it is often recommended to hire someone who is also a native speaker for the market in which you want to sell. For instance, if the work requires dealing with listings on Amazon.de, it might be best to hire someone whose native tongue is German.

Final Words

The above should give you the necessary base to ensure you hire the right Amazon consultant for your business. Once more, here are the quick links to the list of Amazon consultants on Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.com:

Top Amazon Consultants on Fiverr
Top Amazon Consultants on Upwork
Top Amazon Consultants on Freelancer.com

Best of luck!

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