Digital Sales and Marketing course made easy • including strategy template! [2023]

Learn best-practice Sales and Marketing easily in this comprehensive course – including a fill-in template to create your very own sales and marketing strategies!

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Sales and Marketing For Anyone and everyone


You want to learn Sales & Marketing, but it needs to be:


– Short


– Easy to understand


– Easy to apply


– Affordable


If this is true for you, then this course was made for you!

What You'll Learn


  • The core teachings of successful business that all top-level businesses follow


  • How to define the available markets through keyword research


  • How to find business opportunities that fit your profile through niche analysis


  • How to conduct a business-level and product-level competitor analysis to find your edge to success


  • The core techniques to craft a successful brand


  • The 6 influence principles to turn any visitor into a lifelong client


  • Copywriting for maximum impact using the time-tested AIDA method


  • How to design your web pages to convert viewers into buyers


  • How to price your offer using top-class pricing psychology tips and tricks


And much more!

What makes this course (much) easier and practical than others


Most online courses are boringly theoretical, with few real, actionable techniques to drive real sales back to your accounts.


This course specializes in a careful mix of both theory and practical applications that you can use straight away.


What’s more, you will get a complete template that you can fill out as you go along the lectures, meaning that by the end of the course, you will have your very own marketing strategy sheet!


Zero-Risk Guarantee


What if the course isn’t quite what you expect?


No worries – you can get a full refund within 30 days should the course not quite meet your expectations.

Meet your instructor

Martyn is a full-time professional E-Commerce Manager working with companies to help them achieve their sales goals and grow their business.


He has been working as an  E-Commerce Manager for over 5 years now, and has worked in the Sales and Marketing industry for a bit over 10 years, with clients ranging from small appliance businesses to multi-million-euro supplement distributors.

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