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Author: Martyn N.

Hi! I’m Martyn, a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager with over 5 years of experience selling and managing a wide range of products for various small businesses on Amazon.

What is meant by “Information”?

I think everybody understands the word “information” – but what does it mean in the context of branding?

In the previous lesson, we looked at value and its importance for building a successful business and brand. If value is what will make customers buy, information is the way that value can be perceived by your customers.

If no one knows about your value points because they are not properly communicated throughout your listings, these value propositions are useless.

Here’s a good example of strong value points that aren’t being brought forward to the customer:

As you can see from these two images, this brand has strong value points – makes me want to look at their backpacks!

Now imagine you didn’t see any of this, and instead, your first interaction with the brand looked like this:

A can’t-be-simpler title, basic description, product pictures with zero information besides what the bag looks like…we have a product video, sure, but where’s all the value goodness that they speak of?

Customers on Amazon don’t have the patience nor the will to dig into your listings to try to find out what you can bring to them.

This is why having all the information about your brand’s promises and values clearly visible is critical to make it successful.

A treasure is worthless if no one remembers where it is buried!

How can improving “Information” benefit your Amazon business?

One of the big advantages of branding is that any brand-level information is naturally transferred onto other products under the same brand.

Let’s take one of the water brands we saw in an earlier example, Essentia.

A good brand store example for the Essentia brand itself that conveys the value behind the brand – straight to the point, no beating-around-the-bush.

Once the information that this brand is about providing the necessary minerals to athletes is properly communicated to a customer, this piece of information will not only display the brand’s value in the eyes of their customers – if that is a feature that they indeed value – but it will also stick to their minds if they browse any other branded product without needing to be directly exposed to this piece of information again.

In the example above, they might offer an Essentia amino drink or special powder and a customer who has just been exposed to the brand’s information from the water bottle listing will most likely assume straight away that these products will share the same value points even if they haven’t read it on these products’ listings.

Why is this such a great advantage on Amazon?

The amount of information you can communicate on Amazon versus your own website is really restricted.

You only really have a title, a few pictures, some bullet points and an EBC to communicate what your product is about.

On top of that, you have to compete with dozens or hundreds of other listings, and spare for expensive ads, you don’t have a way to get more screen space.

This means that any method to communicate as much information as possible with as little as possible is a critical factor for success on Amazon.

It’s easy for customers to get into information overload and simply ignore a lot of what’s on the screen. Through branding, you can create a “bank of information” which shortcuts everything else.

And pulling information from this mental “bank” is automatic and requires much less mental effort than painstakingly going through blocks of text – our brains are made for seeking shortcuts and saving energy.

If you have a preconceived idea of what a product is about AND you can be somewhat sure that this idea is correct, then you’re much more likely to purchase it if it fits your needs.

Up next: The last (but not least) core pillar of branding. The one that makes the difference between a fickle brand that burns out like a match and a brand lasts through the ages like an Olympic torch: Consistency.

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