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Author: Martyn N.

Hi! I’m Martyn, a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager with over 5 years of experience selling and managing a wide range of products for various small businesses on Amazon.

Just like your brand name and logo, your tagline – should you decide to make one, as this is optional – will aim to communicate your brand’s promises and values in a short sentence.

Examples of known taglines are “Think Different” from Apple and Nike’s “Just Do It”.

Both taglines exemplify perfectly what the brand stands for in three words or less.

For Apple, it’s tagline shows that its core value lies in innovation and differentiation from its competitors, a promise which is then reflected through its unique products.

In Nike’s case, the tagline suggests effort and achievement, which lines up perfectly with its core brand identity which is centered around stirring the desire to achieve athletic success, while also gently suggesting that this is possible to achieve using their products.

What makes a great tagline for your brand?

A tagline should be short and concise. As we saw in the previous two examples, it can consist of as little as two words.

It should also properly convey the mission and values behind your brand. Naturally, it will be very hard to do so in as few as three words – but even managing to encapsulate say, 80% of what your brand is about in a tagline will be very impactful.

Furthermore, your tagline should focus on stirring emotions in the reader.

“Just do it.” is a great example of this, giving a sense of courage and action.

A great tagline also doesn’t just communicate a single message, it is still open enough to interpretation to allow for multiple ideas to strike the reader.

For instance, “Just Do It” can be interpreted as “achieve your goals” as well as “just buy our products”. It is a literal call to action, a suppressor of hesitation.

“Hm let’s check the football shoes section. I’m thinking of trying this sport, but I’m not sure…”

“Just do it.”

“Alright, well the shoes are good, but expensive…”

“Just do it.”

You get the idea. Walk into a Nike store, and all of these taglines spread around the store subconsciously prime you for increased purchase behaviour.

Taglines are particularly useful on Amazon – as mentioned before, the structure on Amazon doesn’t allow you to create pages after pages of content to slowly convey what your brand is about, and as such, the more you can communicate in the least amount of content possible, the more likely you are to be successful.

“Smells like heaven, works like hell”. Simple, playful and conveys the right ideas. Fits very well with a brand named “angry orange”, which also plays beautifully with our preconceptions: oranges are known to have a pleasant smell, while the “angry” signifies action, power, and dedication.

Speaking of orange – how about we go over the final part of our branding adventure?

Yes – choosing your brand colours.

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