Creating a Brand on Amazon – Why Brand?

Picture of Author: Martyn N.

Author: Martyn N.

Hi! I’m Martyn, a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager with over 5 years of experience selling and managing a wide range of products for various small businesses on Amazon.

Why brand on Amazon?

You probably haven’t heard of branding on Amazon as being a critical aspect of making sales.

After all, don’t people just buy the cheapest item with the most good reviews?

Well, what if I told you that if you are a small-scale seller – or want to become one – the most important thing you can do to make as much money as possible on Amazon right now is to build your own strong brand?

 Sure, pricing and reviews are very important.

But every seller knows that.

And almost every single one has both optimized.

However, the power of branding is still largely ignored, and yet it will only keep becoming more and more important as time passes.

In this lesson, we’re going to explore why creating a strong brand can not only increase your sales, but will most likely make the difference between you being squeezed out of business and making enough money to live a comfortable life from your Amazon sales alone.

Now I’m not one of these gurus promising you millions of dollars in “one secret hack”. Anyone with a brain will know that making a good living takes hard work and dedication.

But it also requires a good understanding how a successful business works, and this is exactly what I aim to provide with my courses, articles and videos.

Competition 101 – What you need to know

First of all, as more and more sellers join any market, there is a natural increase in competition.

This makes sense – imagine you’re on a sunny beach in the middle of summer, and you want to buy an ice cream. If there’s only one seller, that ice cream seller is almost guaranteed to get a sale.

However, if there are two or three sellers, you can be sure that at least two of them will not make a sale from you.

This means that each seller is going to have to appear more appealing than the others in order to get you to buy the ice cream from them, which can be through offering more value or most commonly, offering a cheaper price.

This is particularly true for Amazon. As more sellers enter the market looking to get a share of the pie, there’s going to be more pressure on each one to reduce their prices to the point where the profit margins get so thin that it’s not even worth selling anymore.

Can your business offer the cheapest price?

If you are a small-scale seller who wants to earn a decent income, most likely not.


Because you’re not going to benefit from the same cost-savings as big businesses do. They can accept thinner margins because they are established and benefit from economies of scale.

How branding solves this problem

Having a strong brand means that you can more easily escape these price wars as you differentiate yourself from other sellers and offer some unique value that’s communicated through your very own brand.

Basically, you’re no longer trying to offer the same thing as all the other sellers.

You make yourself different, which means that you get to have a lot more power over the price and as such, the margins that you make. Your ice creams are not the same as all the other ice cream sellers, and that’s why you can ask for a price that’s going to give you the income that you desire.

Consumer values are changing – and it has huge implications

Secondly, there is a growing trend for brands that align with the consumers’ values and beliefs rather than just providing what’s on the tin.

A large survey conducted by the renowned consulting company Accenture found that today, 62 percent of consumers have their purchasing decisions heavily dependent on how ethical and authentic a brand is and 74 percent want more transparency about how a company sources their products, their contents and how they have them produced.

Kevin Quiring, managing director at Accenture Strategy, states that:

“In this era of radical transparency, consumers are voicing their opinions, values and beliefs, scrutinizing the actions of organizations and their leadership, and holding them accountable. They can see through inauthenticity and won’t tolerate it,”

“Consumers’ voices can change the financial trajectory of companies. They are more than buyers – they are active stakeholders who are investing their time and attention and want to feel a sense of shared purpose. The winners in this era will not be passive bystanders.”

Majority of Consumers Buying From Companies That Take A Stand on Issues They Care About and Ditching Those That Don’t, Accenture Study Finds | Business Wire

Generic products sold on Amazon without clear branding cannot leverage this growing trend, as all they do is sell a product and list their features.

Sure, they may write that they are “respectful of the environment” and “are produced ethically” but how can they really gain the trust of customers when there’s no brand story, no promise, no personality behind the products?

By building your own brand on Amazon, you enable yourself to give your customers what they are after – even if you aren’t the cheapest seller around.

Why Amazon is becoming more brand-centric

Amazon is very aware of this growing trend as well as the importance of maintaining customer trust.

This is why they have not only been cracking down on fake reviews on low-quality generic products that customers rightfully have been disappointed by, but also started selling their own brands in an attempt to leverage Amazon’s reputation as a customer-centric brand to keep customers coming to their platform and remove the growing negative reputation that came from these low-quality brandless products and their waves of fake reviews.

What does this mean for you?

Amazon is looking for quality brands that can truly deliver quality products that will satisfy their customers and keep them coming to their platform.

By building your own brand, you not only increase your perceived value in the eyes of your customers, but you also play the game the way Amazon wants you to play it, which means that the platform will have every reason to promote you and give you exclusive benefits.

In a nutshell, there has never been a better time to build strong brands on Amazon and create massive revenues from them while most sellers catch up with this opportunity.

Are you ready to learn more about branding and how to create a strong brand? Then check out the first lesson of this minicourse series on branding for Amazon, starting right here.

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