Best Platforms to Find Amazon Consultants, Freelancers and Experts [2023]

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Author: Martyn N.

Hi! I’m Martyn, a full-time Amazon E-Commerce Manager with over 5 years of experience selling and managing a wide range of products for various small businesses on Amazon.

Wondering what the best platforms are to find freelance consultants, experts, coaches and such for your Amazon business?

Confused by the dozens of results shown on search engines?

Worry not – below are the top three platforms for securely hiring Amazon freelancers, no matter your budget.

Why platforms? Why not private websites?

I strongly recommend avoiding individual websites offering their own Amazon freelance services and instead hire on platforms listing individual consultants like Fiverr, Upwork and


Simply put, it’s a lot harder to accurately judge the expertise and reliability of a Amazon consultant on their own website as they have complete control over what’s shown there.

For instance, they might display a large number of positive reviews, stating how great and wonderful their services are. But how can you know that these are real reviews and weren’t made up?

Even worse, they might reassure you with guarantees, like refunds or extra services should they not deliver what you wanted, but these can be empty promises that result in unanswered emails once your money is on the way.

Truth be told, personal websites have the highest potential for being smoke-and-mirrors, leaving you with no results and an empty wallet and no possibility to warn anyone else about it.

In contrast, big platforms like Fiverr or Upwork are not affiliated with the consultants. They act as independant platforms which have every interest to see you satisfied, as their long-term objective is to have you return to their services over and over again. As such, transparency and honest work is a big priority for these platforms.

That’s why these platforms have several systems to ensure any buyer of a service is most likely to be satisfied – from real reviews from real service buyers to retained payment until you decide that the work is complete (and refunds even after you’ve decided the work is completed, should you later realize that there was something wrong with the service you received).

Furthermore, the stiff competition on these platforms lets only the best and highest-rated consultants be visible at the top of the search results, further ensuring that you find a reliable, trustworthy consultant.

Another major advantage – many consultants on these platforms are more affordable than anywhere else online.

Sure, the quality also varies with the amount spent, but if you’re a small business owner looking for someone to take over some work without breaking the bank, these platforms can be a godsend.

There are a lot more advantages to purchasing on these platforms, like encrypted payments and 24/7 customer service, which is why I highly recommend to look there should you want to hire an Amazon consultant. 

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on Fiverr

Fiverr is considered by many to be the best place to hire Amazon consultants for any kind of ad-hoc work or single specific projects.

Consultants on Fiverr post a listing of their services, including the work offered and the price, divided into three tiers – basic, standard and premium. Each tier offers more services, but naturally calls for a higher fee.

I have myself used Fiverr several times for different kinds of work, even to build this website. I find their system to be extremely intuitive and clear, making any kind of project smooth and headache-free.

In general, Fiverr is considered by many as the best platform if you’re looking for the best value-for-money, particularly for measurable ad-hoc work like product picture editing, product description copywriting, listing optimization and so on.

If this sounds like what you’re after, then you can follow this link to get a list of the top Amazon consultants on Fiverr:

Top Amazon Consultants on Fiverr

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on Upwork

Upwork is very similar to Fiverr and though I have not personally ordered work through it, it’s reputation is as good as Fiverr, especially for bigger projects.

A big difference with Fiverr is that buyers are also able to post the work they want to have done and consultants can apply to take it over.

Compared to Fiverr, many recommend Upwork for larger and longer projects such as PPC campaign setup, advertising management, listing management, product photography and the like.

Many Amazon sellers who were also looking to hire consultants found that in general, the talent pool on Upwork was slightly more experienced, mostly because Upwork has a tighter screening process before letting a consultant work on their platform. However, this also results in higher fees.

If that is what you are looking for, here’s a link to the top Amazon consultants on Upwork:

Top Amazon Consultants on Upwork

Hiring an Amazon Consultant on is very similar to Upwork – clients post their jobs online which are then reviewed by the pool of consultants who are free to apply for that job. Moreover, consultants on are often looking for long-term contracts, which makes it great for routine work like listing management, advertising/PPC optimization and the like.

However, several reviewers have noted that the process from the buyer’s side is often smoother and more straightforward on Upwork. Still, in general is known to generally offer a lower base price, with add-ons like NDAs and IP agreements being available separately.

If this website seems to tick your box, here’s the link to some of the top Amazon consultants:

Top Amazon Consultants on

Hopefully these platforms will help you find the right Amazon freelancers and consultants for you – if you’re looking for more tips on finding the right Amazon freelancer for you, check out my other articles about hiring freelancers over here.

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